Times and methods with filming the processes

The Easy Time system is a complete solution for Improving Efficiency by taking the times of operations, recording all the information necessary to carry out studies of times and methods within the manufacturing processes, including the filming of the operation that is being timed.

Improvements in Methods and Processes (Lean Processes - Lean)

Production balancing simulations

Increased Efficiency and Quality

Estudos e redução de tempos de Setup (metodologia SMED)

Time Analysis with Operation Filming

Integration with other systems

Automatic calculation of time studies

Conference on Methods determined by MTM

Easy to learn and use web interface

It allows the professional in the time area to keep the focus on operations and process efficiency, generating effective results for the organization.
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Commercial: (51) 2160-3929 | (51) 98550-8882

Technical support: (51) 98550-8882

Commercial: (51) 2160-3929 | (51) 98550-8882

Technical Support: (51) 98550-8882

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